Tikvah Online Academy offers high-level seminars—with small classes, master teachers, and spirited discussions—for students interested in Jewish ideas, Zionism and modern Israel, American democracy, and Western civilization.

✔ All classes are capped at 12 to 15 students.

✔ Each class meets for one session per week for five weeks: always live on Zoom. All weekday classes are scheduled in the evenings, so they will not conflict with the school day. Sunday sessions will take place in the late mornings or evenings.

✔ Courses are open to all students regardless of their educational backgrounds. The application process is simple but selective.

✔ All applicants who are new to Tikvah will be asked to fill out a short application and schedule a Zoom interview. Tikvah alumni will be invited to complete the same short application, but will have an accelerated admissions process without an interview. Acceptances will be sent out within two weeks.

✔ Tuition is $150 per course. Full scholarships are available for any family with financial need.

Learn more about our course offerings by browsing sample seminars below.


"Teaching for Tikvah’s Online Academy has been a joy from the very first class. My students are active and engaged, and Tikvah gives us the luxury of time to think, talk, and inquire about materials we’d never get to in a traditional classroom, or that we’d have to rush through. Whether it’s a class on Golems or on Shakespeare, I leave every class session energized and excited to come back—and I hope all my students feel the same!"

- Sarah Skwire, Summer 2020 Teacher

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