Tikvah Online Academy offers high-level seminars—with small classes, master teachers, and spirited discussions—for students interested in Jewish ideas, Zionism & Israel, American democracy, and Western civilization. It is the ideal supplement to your shana ba’aretz (gap-year) experience, providing a unique opportunity to discuss the important philosophical and policy debates of our era.

✔ Each class meets for 5-7 sessions. All classes are offered at times that will not conflict with your regular program schedule.

✔  The application process is simple but selective.

✔ The gap-year courses are free of charge.

✔   Students must commit to preparing short reading assignments and engaging in class as active participants.

✔ Throughout the semester, all online seminar participants will be invited to three in-person Friday morning gatherings in central Jerusalem featuring a dynamic speaker and a delicious brunch.

✔ Courses are open to all gap-year students regardless of their educational and religious backgrounds.

Learn more about our course offerings by browsing sample seminars below.


"The Tikvah Overseas Institute uniquely and expertly elevated my time in Israel beyond the yeshiva curriculum. With frequent opportunities for learning, discussion, and forming key relationships with prominent Jewish and Israeli thinkers, Tikvah took me beyond the classical texts in an open, Zionistic, and religious environment."

- Eitan Murinson, Student

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