Tikvah Online Academy offers high-level seminars—with small classes, master teachers, and spirited discussions—for students interested in Jewish ideas, Israel and Zionist Ideas, and Western civilization. It’s the ideal supplement to your shana ba’aretz (gap-year) experience, providing a unique opportunity to discuss the important philosophical and policy debates of our era.

✔ Fall 2020 courses for gap-year students in Israel will take place in November and December. Classes are capped at 12 to 15 students.

✔ Each class meets every other week for five weeks: always live on Zoom. All classes are offered at times which will not conflict with your regular program schedule.

✔ The application process is simple but selective. The gap-year courses are free of charge. Students must commit to preparing short reading assignments and active participation.

✔ Some classes are co-ed and other classes are single-sex (which is noted in the course descriptions). Courses are open to students regardless of their educational backgrounds.

✔ The full menu of courses is listed below. All applicants who are new to Tikvah will be asked to fill out a short application and schedule a Zoom interview. Tikvah alumni will be invited to complete the same short application, but will have an accelerated admissions process without an interview. Acceptances will be sent out within two weeks.

Fall 2020 course applications will be open until October 27, 2020. 


"Any student who wants to go beyond the Beit Midrash and think about issues affecting the world today with other gap-year students would really benefit from this program."

- Tzofiya B.,
Tikvah Overseas Institute Alumna

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