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Alternatives to Public Education

An Evening Conversation with Eva Moskowitz, the Country’s Most Successful Charter School Operator


Monday, October 30, 2017
6:30 PM (Doors Open at 6:00 PM)
The Tikvah Center, 165 E 56th Street, New York, New York

Eva Moskowitz is a born and bred New Yorker, former City Council Member, and “charter czarina.” She has taken on powerful unions and politicians to establish and grow her astonishingly effective and popular charter school program in four of the city’s five boroughs.

In an unabashedly candid memoir, The Education of Eva Moskowitz, Eva tells of how she became a forward-thinking education entrepreneur and her fight to establish nearly three dozen schools—activism that has made her into one of the most important figures in New York City and beyond. She addresses the battles she has won and lost, writing candidly about the people who seek to undermine her work—most notably New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio—and celebrating the powerful allies who have aided her cause, including former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Eva’s Success Academy (SA) is #1 in New York State for student achievement; 95% of its 5,821 testing students passed math, with 72% getting the most advanced score. In English Language Arts, 84% of students passed, with 31% getting highest score. Surpassing city and state averages by a wide margin, SA’s closest peers are the state’s richest school districts like Edgemont, Great Neck, and Scarsdale.  Against these districts, SA is the top-performing district in the state. This achievement is all the more significant, given that 73% of its testing students are economically disadvantaged.

Join us for a conversation between Ms. Moskowitz and Tikvah Fund Chairman Roger Hertog, for what should be a very lively and important evening.


This event is at capacity. Please check back later for a recording of the event.


Eva Moskowitz is founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, the highest-performing public charter school network in New York City. Since opening the first school in Harlem in 2006, the network has grown to 46 schools serving 15,500 primarily low-income minority students, who consistently outperform New York’s most affluent school districts.

Eva is a former NYC Council Member and holds a Ph.D. in American History from Johns Hopkins University. This fall, HarperCollins published The Education of Eva Moskowitz: a Memoir, an unabashedly candid look at how she became one of America’s leading champions in the fight for education reform.