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Tikvah Alumni Membership

University Student and Young Professional Alumni Membership

We want you to help build the Tikvah community of ideas. All you need to do is join—become a Tikvah alumni member today!

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Why Join the Tikvah Fund?

We are very pleased to offer you, as graduates of our Tikvah programs, year-round access to the intellectual life and community of the Tikvah Center. To take advantage of this opportunity, we invite you to become members.

What does membership mean? Members are eligible to:

What does it cost?
Those who have done an eligible university student and young professional program with Tikvah can join at the young alumni rate of $50. Membership is good until October 1, 2018.

How do I sign up?
Simply register above and provide the requested information—it only takes a few minutes! After you sign up, you will be logged into your account where you’ll be able to access your membership benefits.