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January 2023
MLK Weekend
Our Inaugural Washington, D.C. Retreat

Since 1948, the State of Israel has transformed itself from distant long-shot to an amazing success story. In our final section, we will explore the near-impossible yet extraordinary ideas and leaders behind the earliest triumphs of the newly founded Jewish state. These challenges were virtually without precedent in the history of nations and in each case Israel turned a daunting task into an opportunity to establish itself as a regional power and the driving force in leading the Jewish people worldwide. Beginning with the War of Independence, the immigration of Jews from Arab lands, Israel’s development of nuclear weapons and the kidnapping and trial of the top-ranking Nazi Adolf Eichmann, we will explore the creation of modern Israel from 1948 to the present-day triumphs of Israeli technology innovators and the improbable alliance-builders of the Abraham Accords.

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