Summer @ Yale

All Ben-Gurion Fellows participate in the Tikvah Scholars summer residential program at Yale University. The Yale program involves two-weeks of intensive study with 200 exceptional fellow students from around the world.

Fellows can choose between Session # 1 (June 27 to July 7, 2022) or Session #2 (July 25 to August 4, 2022).

Students choose electives in four key areas: Jewish thought and history, Zionism and modern Israel, the meaning of American democracy, and the great debates of Western civilization. Courses include:

Jewish Thought & History

  • Why Be Jewish?
  • Justice and Injustice in Jewish Tradition
  • The Jews vs. Greeks: What is Human Nature?
  • Jewish Political Thought
  • The Heroes of Jewish History

Zionism & Modern Israel

  • The Zionist Founders: Herzl, Begin, Ben-Gurion
  • The Israeli Declaration of Independence
  • The Great Speeches of Israeli History
  • The Israeli Economy
  • The Wars of Israel: 1948, 1967, the Yom Kippur War

The Meaning of American Democracy

  • The Hebraic Spirit of America
  • The Future of Religious Liberty
  • Freedom and Equality in American Political Thought
  • Left, Right, and the Future of American Politics
  • Abraham Lincoln and the American Idea of Statesmanship

The Great Debates of Western Civilization

  • The Birth of Western Civilization: Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and Philadelphia
  • The History of Democratic Capitalism
  • The Ethics of War and Peace
  • Science, Technology, and the Future of the West
  • Nationalism and World Politics: Past, Present, and Future

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