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Is there a philosophical or theological justification for the traditional Jewish doctrine of matrilineal descent? Meir Soloveichik, in an article published in Azure in 2005, makes the case that there is, drawing together phenomenological observations and rabbinical sources to illuminate the distinct dignity of mothers and fathers. Rabbi Soloveichik will be teaching in a Tikvah Advanced Institute this summer called The Future of the Family, alongside Eric Cohen, Gil Meilaender, Dara Horn, and others.

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You don’t have to be Jewish to drink L’Chaim, to lift a glass “To Life.” Everyone in his right mind believes that life is good and that death is bad. But Jews have always had an unusually keen appreciation of life, and not only because it has been stolen from them so often and so […]

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The biblical book of Genesis presents the story of how God’s new way for humankind finds its first adherent in a single individual—Abraham, a man out of Mesopotamia—and how that way survives through three generations in the troubled households of Abraham, his son Isaac, and his grandson Jacob, who is renamed Israel. By the end […]

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Dara Horn’s newest novel, A Guide for the Perplexed, is receiving a flood of positive reviews. In this instance of the type, published this fall in the Jewish Review of Books, reviewer Michael Weingrad lingers on the subject of memory in the age of data clouds and information retrieval. Is a person more than the sum of her data? What is the moral advantage of forgetting? Ms. Horn is a regular instructor in Tikvah’s educational offerings and will be teaching again this summer in an Institute at the Tikvah Center called “Divine Justice and Human Creativity in Jewish Literature.”

Also be sure to pick up a copy (by hand or by tablet) of the Winter issue of JRB, which was just released.

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