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Alumni Spotlight

"After being here, I just can’t help having this love for the Jewish people. I've come to realize that taking Judaism seriously doesn't require turning one’s back on society. Immersion in the tradition leaves you with more to offer."

"I have understood the importance of being a part of an active Jewish community... I also feel more connected with Israel than I ever have been. I plan on visiting the Jewish state this winter break, and am already recruiting some of my Jewish friends to join me."

"I felt myself grow spiritually and intellectually throughout the program. Many of the things I learned during the past six weeks will stay with me and ingrain themselves into my thoughts and actions. Thank you for encouraging me and for teaching me."


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"The career path that I envision for myself... is rather in-line with Tikvah's own ideals. I want to pursue law... I'd like to defend liberty, Zionism, freedom, and human rights through law and government. Tikvah gave me some ideas as to how I can make this happen."

"This summer has only strengthened my sense of the importance of the nuclear Jewish
family, as well as the pride we may feel in our particularism as a nation scattered amongst those so different from us."

"This program strengthened me, helping me to become all the more assured that I am headed down the right path through the teachers I encountered who exuded passion in their work and the mere inspiration of being at Tikvah surrounded by people hungry for knowledge."


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Tobey Linhart

Associate Director for University and Young Professional Programs