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Callings and Careers: Simon Gordon

Date: March 1st
Time: 4:00 PM EST

Tikvah’s Callings and Careers sessions have been a staple of our programs for years. These intimate, honest conversations with accomplished professionals and leaders give insight into how young people and students can align their practical, career interests with their spiritual and intellectual aspirations.

Simon Gordon is now senior policy adviser at the Home Office (equivalent of the US departments of Homeland Security and Justice), where he serves in the Implementation Unit – a form of internal consultancy focused on delivery of policy priorities. After a stint as assistant editor of Jewish Ideas Daily and Mosaic, Simon returned to his native London to take up the post of policy adviser and speechwriter to Daniel Taub, Israel’s then Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Simon then went on to perform a similar role for Douglas Carswell – a Member of Parliament and co-founder of Vote Leave – throughout and beyond the successful campaign to end the UK’s membership of the European Union of which he was one of the principal architects. He is a graduate of both the University of Oxford (BA, Philosophy & Modern Languages, 2011) and King’s College, London (MA, Political Economy, 2018).