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Callings and Careers: Yuval Levin

Date: February 3rd
Time: 5:30 PM EST

Tikvah’s Callings and Careers sessions have been a staple of our programs for years. These intimate, honest conversations with accomplished professionals and leaders give insight into how young people and students can align their practical, career interests with their spiritual and intellectual aspirations.

Yuval Levin is an American political analyst, academic, and journalist. He is the founding editor of National Affairs (2009–present), director of Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies at the American Enterprise Institute(2019–present), a contributing editor of National Review (2007–present) and co-founder and a senior editor of The New Atlantis (2003–present). Yuval is one of America’s sharpest and thoughtful thinkers and intellectuals. His most recent book is A Time to Build, a meditation on America’s fraying and desolate institutions — political, cultural, and social — and what every American can do to rebuild them.

Yuval will be talking to our Collegiate Forum members about life in the public arena. This event was first offered to those interested in a career in public policy.