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Gideon Hausner: Opening Address at the Trial Of Adolf Eichmann

Date: March 25th
Time: 7:00 PM EST
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Hausner’s opening statement was given over the course of three sessions on April 17 and 18, and it took several hours to deliver it. Despite Ben-Gurion’s concerns that Hausner might not rise to the occasion, the first segment of it is considered one of the most powerful and memorable speeches in Israeli history. Hausner succeeded in gripping the imagination of much of the country and placing the spotlight on Holocaust survivors, who previously had been reluctant to speak about their experiences. During Hausner’s remarks, 60% of the Israeli population age 14 and above listened to at least part of the broadcast, an astonishingly high figure. Moreover, in part because this opening had been so gripping, from then until the trial ended in August 1961, hundreds of thousands of Israelis, including large numbers of young people, were glued to their radio sets for hours every day.

As a result of the trial, Israelis’ awareness of the Holocaust became far greater, as did their respect for Holocaust survivors. The integration of Holocaust survivors into Israeli society was affected for the better and even within families, survivors who had never opened up to their own children began doing so. According to many observers, the Eichmann trial also strengthened the Jewish identity of Israelis, especially among the young.

-Dan Polisar

“The history of the Jewish people is steeped in suffering and tears. “In thy blood, live!” is the imperative that has confronted this nation ever since its first appearance on the stage of history. Pharaoh in Egypt decided to “afflict them with their burdens” and to cast their sons into the river; Haman’s decree was “to destroy, to slay, and to cause them to perish;” Chmelnytsky slaughtered them in multitudes; they were butchered in Petliura’s pogroms.Yet never, down the entire bloodstained road travelled by this people, never since the first days of its nationhood, has any man arisen who succeeded in dealing it such grievous blows as did Hitler’s iniquitous regime, and Adolf Eichmann as its executive arm for the extermination of the Jewish people.”

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