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Journalism Fellowship: Panel Event

Date: March 16th
Time: 5:30 PM EST
This event is for members of the Journalism Fellowship.

This panel event, hosted by the Tikvah Collegiate Journalism Fellowship, will feature three young writers — Elliot Kaufman, Michal Leibowitz, and Tamara Berens. A little about each of them is below.

Michal Leibowitz | Jewish Review of Books

Michael Leibowitz graduated from Stanford in 2019 with a BA in philosophy and religious studies and an MA in religion. She is now a Krauthammer Fellow at the Jewish Review of Books.

Elliot Kaufman | Wall Street Journal

Elliot Kaufman graduated from Stanford University in 2018. He is now an assistant editorial features writer at the Wall Street Journal.

Tamara Berens | Mosaic Magazine

Tamara is originally from London, U.K. and graduated King’s College London with a degree in War Studies in 2019. She is now a Krauthammer Fellow at Mosaic magazine.