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Session #1: June 23–July 5 | Session #2: July 28–August 8
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Debating Great Ideas

What can Judaism teach us about the big issues of human life—love and death, freedom and law, technology and ethics? What are the great debates over the course of history that have shaped America's political landscape and public consciousness? What is the future of Israel, and what does Israel stand for in the world? What is justice, and how does our understanding of that question change how we interact with the world as Jews and human beings? What is tradition, how does it shape us, and what claims can it make on us? What is the relationship between liberty and law? What does it mean for a nation - or a human being - to be free? At the Maimonides Scholars Program, we seek to explore these questions, and many more, together. The program offers three main courses of study, in Jewish Ideas, Liberal Arts, and Zionism. In the morning, students will study and debate great texts in the Jewish canon in the Jewish Ideas course. In the afternoon, students will choose an elective from a wide range of college-level Liberal Arts courses, in a wide range of topics from economics and bioethics to political philosophy, law, and literature. Students will also take a course on Zionist philosophy, where they will study, discuss, and debate the origins and the future of the state of Israel. All courses are conducted seminar-style, and students will be expected to be active leaders in the discussions, driving and shaping the conversation in conjunction with our world-class faculty members.

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Kate Havard Rozansky

Academic Dean