The Maimonides Scholars Program allowed me to study Jewish texts at a new, higher level.

Orly Meyer

Lincoln High School '20
Maimonides Scholars Program '19

The program’s exploration of various Jewish texts in the philosophical, literary, religious, and political realms ignited in me a serious curiosity to learn more.

Ariel Sitbon

McGill University '23
Magee Secondary School '19
Maimonides Scholars '19

I learned so much from the professors and moderators about the complicated matters of Judaism and how they apply to us today.

Gabrielle Bray

University of Virginia '23
White Station High School '19
Maimonides Scholars Program '18

The richness and depth of the conversations, the high quality of peers, and the nurturing social environment all helped foster a love of Judaism that had previously slept dormant in my heart.

Billy Lockhart

Dartmouth College '24
St. Mark's School of Texas '20

Maimonides Scholars Program offered a safe environment where my peers and I could uncover how Jewish thought fits into the secular world and have chance to challenge, defend and develop my Jewish values.

Alex Malamud

Alexander Hamilton High School '20

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