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Session #1: June 23–July 5 | Session #2: July 28–August 8

The mission of the Tikvah Scholars Program is to advance Jewish excellence in the modern age by exposing some of the best Jewish students to the most important foundational questions in politics, economics, Zionist thought and statesmanship, and Judaism, guided by some of the best teachers, scholars and practitioners in America.

You, the best and brightest of our Jewish young people are an accomplished and promising group. Engaging with you is an exciting experience. You are intellectually open, morally serious, and eager to figure out your place in the Jewish community of the future. You may want to wrestle with the big issues of Judaism and Western civilization even more directly than you already have. You likely believe, as we do at The Tikvah Fund, that ideas matter—and that great ideas are the first principles of our society.

The heart of the Tikvah experience is the seminar table—in rich, probing, and spirited discussions between students and teachers and among the students themselves. Each summer, our students choose four different seminars for the two weeks of study together. All the seminars focus on critical, open-ended topics that lend themselves to varied opinions. As one of the participants from a recent Institute commented on our feedback form, “you learn how to think” at Tikvah.

This summer, each week of our program will focus on a distinct area: Week One will focus on Jewish thought and liberal arts, and Week Two will examine elements of ethics, society, and politics and Zionism. Each week’s questions, readings, and discussions will further our understanding of the world and ourselves. Take a look at the courses, ask us any questions you might have, and if you want to be a part of this conversation, apply.

Check out the Maimonides Scholars page!


Program Dates
Session #1: June 23–July 5
Session #2: July 28–August 8

Application Deadline
February 3, 2019

(Need-based financial aid is available)

Current high school juniors and seniors


Rabbi Gabi Weinberg

Director of High School Programs