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Varieties of American Conservatism

Dissent and contention have been features of the American conservative movement since its formation in the aftermath of World War II. The eruption of populism over the last decade has made such disagreements all the more pronounced. Today, political observers confront several questions: Is the American right undergoing a realignment? Has the party of the country club become the party of Sam’s Club? Should a more culturally conservative party also be more statist? Are the costs of American primacy greater than the benefits? What is the relation of national populism to conservatism? Do the problems facing America originate not just in public policy, but in the classical liberal tradition the right has long sought to conserve?

Through close reading of speeches, articles, editorials, essays, and book chapters, we will seek to answer these questions and come to an understanding of the American right today.



Sample Readings:

  • Selected Donald J. Trump speeches
  • Articles from publications including First Things and the Wall Street Journal

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