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The Gender Conversation: How Should Concerned Parents Respond?

A Conversation with Abigail Shrier and Jonathan Silver
Wednesday, November 16 2022 | Live via Zoom

Over the past two years, the meaning of “gender” and “gender identity” has become a central issue in our culture, our schools, and our communities. We see it in elementary-school classrooms and in academia, in medical institutions and in publishing houses, in the entertainment world and in major corporations. What is happening? Why has the question of gender identity suddenly become such a dominant and divisive issue? What can the Jewish tradition teach us about gender roles, and how should we respond when our values conflict with the new (and often radical) ideologies being introduced in our children’s classrooms? Join Abigail Shrier, best-selling author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, and Mosaic editor and Tikvah Podcast host Jonathan Silver for a serious discussion about how Jewish parents should respond to the gender debate.

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The Shabbat Table and Building Our Children’s Character

A Conversation with Rachel Haron and Rabbi Mark Gottlieb
December 2022

As parents, our responsibility to raise children with strong Jewish values and identities can feel like both an difficult challenge and an extraordinary opportunity. Our tradition recognizes that the first place to learn and cultivate the rising generation is the home, and so Jewish tradition has designated a time and place for us to transform our homes into spaces of learning and growth: the Shabbat table. Now, more than ever, we treasure this designated pause, when we can reflect, teach, and connect, free of the in-person and virtual distractions of daily life. How can we leverage the power of the Shabbat table to foster growth in our children? What practical steps can we take to turn our home into a “meeting place for the sages,” and what does this look like for younger children, teens, and even adult children? Join us with two leading Jewish educators—Rachel Haron, director of curriculum and staff development at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy and Rabbi Mark Gottlieb, senior director at Tikvah—for an inspiring discussion about the power of our Shabbat tables and the enduring wisdom of Shabbat itself.

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The Engaged Jewish Parent: What Should We Be Thinking About as the School Year Begins?

A Conversation with Naomi Schaefer Riley and David Bernstein
Recorded Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 7:30 PM ET
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Are my kids reading the right books? What are they studying in American or world history? Is Israel treated as a remarkable story of Jewish renaissance—or attacked as an “apartheid state”? Are children from more religious or more traditional homes being treated with respect—or “cancelled”? The hard truth is that we are living through a period of turmoil in American culture and education, and Jewish parents have found ourselves in the crosshairs. As we embark on a new school year, what should Jewish parents be focused on? How can we exert the right influence and oversight in our children’s schools—whether they attend Jewish day schools, independent private schools, or public schools? And in our own homes, what can we do every week to strengthen our children’s Jewish, Zionist, and American values? Join us with David Bernstein, founder and CEO of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values and Naomi Schaefer Riley, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, for a serious exploration of the challenges and opportunities this cultural moment poses to Jewish parents across America.

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