Tikvah Educational Opportunities

One of the most important things for Jewish parents is finding meaningful educational opportunities for our sons and daughters. Below is a menu of offerings for middle-school, high-school, gap-year, and college students.

Middle-School Student Opportunities

Tikvah Online Academy offers high-level seminars for students interested in Jewish ideas, Zionism and modern Israel, American democracy, and Western civilization. Classes meet live over Zoom for spirited discussion with master teachers and a small group of outstanding students. Our faculty includes leading college professors, award-winning writers, policy experts, preeminent rabbis, and communal leaders—eager to teach thoughtful young students who want to engage in deep inquiry. In TOA classes, outstanding students engage in lively seminar-style conversation and passionate debate, and our virtual classrooms foster deep intellectual friendships among diverse young Jews from around the world. Learn more at https://tikvahfund.org/toa.

The Millstone Scholars Program seeks to educate exceptional 7th- and 8th-grade students from public and secular private schools in the great ideas and leaders of Jewish history and their impact on Western civilization. Students will consider how Jewish ideas changed the world; why America is a land of hope for the Jewish people; and how modern Israel came to life. Learn more at https://tikvahfund.org/millstone.

High-School Student Opportunities

High-school students can also take part in Tikvah Online Academy classes. Learn more at https://tikvahfund.org/toa.

The Menachem Begin Scholars Program is a selective two-year fellowship for 9th- and 10th-grade students from across North America. Menachem Begin Scholars will meet and learn from leading scholars and statesmen like Amb. Ron Dermer, Ruth Wisse, and Daniel Gordis. They will study the foundational ideas and heroic figures of Jewish, Zionist, and American civilization in college-level seminars. They will debate the big questions facing the Jewish people in our student journal. And they will participate in special retreats in Washington, D.C. and a concluding three-week experience in Israel in Summer 2024. Learn more at https://tikvahfund.org/begin-scholars/.

The Tikvah Scholars Program is an 11-day residential summer institute for current 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. We seek students who want to think deeply about serious questions, push their intellectual limits, and read the great works of the Jewish canon and of Western thought with world-class faculty in a vibrant and pluralistic community of students from around the world. The program seeks to advance Jewish excellence in the modern age by exposing some of the best Jewish students to the most important foundational questions in politics, economics, Zionist thought, and Judaism, guided by some of the top teachers, scholars, and policy makers. Learn more at ahttps://tikvahfund.org/hs/.

Gap-Year Student Opportunities

The Tikvah Overseas Student Institute offers dynamic in-person lectures and high-level online seminars for gap-year students in Israel interested in Jewish ideas and their relevance to modern society. It’s an ideal supplement to the gap-year experience: a unique opportunity to discuss contemporary philosophical and policy debates that won’t get covered in the typical yeshiva or seminary curriculum. Participants build great friendships with students at over 20 shana ba’aretz programs looking to explore the burning questions facing the Jewish people today. You’ll become active participants in the Israeli political conversation as prominent lecturers and debate panelists expose you to the burning policy dilemmas of Israeli society. Our rich menu of online seminars provide platforms for you to think deeply about the questions on your mind: affirming Zionism in an era conflicted over nationalism; developing faith in a post-modern world; and bringing traditional Jewish values into a multicultural and sometimes hostile public sphere. Learn more at https://tikvahfund.org/overseas/.

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