About the Krauthammer Fellowship

Named after the late Charles Krauthammer—preeminent intellectual journalist and staunch defender of America, Israel, and the Jewish people—the Krauthammer Fellowship seeks aspiring writers, journalists, scholars, and policy analysts interested in Jewish ideas, modern Israel, and American democratic and civic life. This program is run in partnership with The Paul E. Singer Foundation.

What is the program structure and schedule?

The Krauthammer Fellowship takes place over the course of the academic year, from September through June, during which time Krauthammer Fellows receive personalized mentorship in developing their ideas and writing talents. Each Fellow is expected to publish a long-form essay or report, or series of substantive shorter pieces, by June. Projects should relate to at least one of the following topics:

  • American culture, law, and public policy
  • Jewish education and thought
  • Jewish life and history
  • The strategic situation in the Middle East
The Krauthammer Fellowship is a vibrant community with in-person and virtual engagements in the fall, winter, and spring. In the fall, Fellows will join the Krauthammer Colloquium: a series of discussions with Tikvah senior leadership on a broad range of issues affecting the Jewish people and American life. This will take the form of once-monthly virtual meetings that will last approximately one hour. In the winter, Fellows will participate in a three-day retreat during which they will discuss their writing projects with their peers and engage with premier writers and leaders in the public square. In the spring, Fellows will join a working group led by a prominent scholar; these groups will broadly relate to the subject matter of the Fellows’ individual writing projects. Working groups will consist of a three-day in-person conference in the New York City or Washington, D.C. area and five follow-up sessions over Zoom. Krauthammer Fellows who successfully complete program requirements will receive a stipend totaling $5,000 in two installments.

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