Georgia Gilholy

Journalism and Politics

I was born and grew up in Burton Upon Trent, England. I studied History at King’s College London and the George Washington University. I began a Master’s program in Medieval History at University College London but decided to defer my studies to pursue journalism and activism. During my studies, I began working as a freelance writer and editor, and have since been published in a range of leading national and international outlets.  Since September 2021 I have been working as a News Reporter for the online magazine I am also currently an associate contributor with non-profit talent agency Young Voices UK and Director of Media for the Pinkser Centre, a UK-based think tank supporting free speech and open debate on university campuses. My main writing interests are foreign affairs, particularly in relation to Israel, China, and human rights issues. I also enjoy writing about literature and history. I am currently producing a short film on the political and ethical issues surrounding facial recognition technology, to be released in December 2021.

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