Christopher DeMuth, in Conversation

Image for Christopher DeMuth, in Conversation

This week, Christopher DeMuth is leading the advanced institute, “Capitalism and the Future of Democracy.” With his aid, we are focusing on the political economy of Joseph Schumpeter, Michael Novak, Irving Kristol, and Thomas Piketty, as well as looking at the political and economic options before, during, and after the 2008 financial crisis. The long-time president of the American Enterprise Institute, Ronald Reagan’s chief regulatory advisor, and a luminary essayist, we could have no better guide through these waters than DeMuth. Earlier this year he discussed his career, his intellectual journey, and the men he worked for on Conversations with Bill Kristol. In the interview, DeMuth especially describes the character, the ideas, and the concert between the two of his great influences, Friedrich Hayek, Edward Banfield, and James Q. Wilson.

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