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Mission Impossible: Israel’s Transformation from a Distant Long-Shot to an Amazing Success Story

This course will look at five challenges the Jewish state faced and overcame during its formative period. All five were virtually without precedent in the history of nations and in each case Israel turned a daunting task into an opportunity to establish itself as a regional power and leader of the Jewish people worldwide. The sessions will explore how Israel:
1) outnumbered by the surrounding Arab countries when it declared its
establishment, won its War of Independence and emerged from it strong and
2) absorbed as many immigrants as it had citizens during the country’s first few years;
3) lacked even the most basic weapons needed to defend itself at its
foundation, yet within a decade and a half, was able to develop nuclear
4) was able to bring about symbolic justice on behalf of the Jewish nation by
kidnapping Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann from his hiding place in
Argentina and trying him in Jerusalem
5) and was able to emerge from Socialism and the near-total absence of natural resources to become Start-Up Nation.
The final session will look at all these cases to develop insights about leadership, the character of Israelis, and lessons for how the Jewish state should face future challenges.


Dates: Oct 28,  Nov 18, Nov 25, Dec 9, Dec 16, Dec 30

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