“The Tikvah Overseas Institute served as the perfect auxiliary to my year at Yeshiva. The program offered a unique, intellectually stimulating environment where we delved into secular and Jewish philosophy, American and Israeli politics, public policy, and Jewish identity. The expertise of the staff and speaker and the motivated student community fostered thought-provoking discussions and debates that challenged me to expand my perspectives and refine my critical thinking skills. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of such an enriching experience.”

 -Ethan Powell (Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto ‘22, Yeshivat Orayta ‘23, Yale University ‘27)

“Tikvah was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! From the beginning, it gave me an outlet to share my strong opinions without fearing judgment or retribution. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to open doors for my future and make lasting friends.”

-Leila Tilem (Yeshivat Frisch ‘22, Midreshet Lindenbaum ‘23, Binghamton University ‘27)

“Tikvah’s philosophical and political classes were an amazing supplement to my yeshiva gap year. The courses have prepared me to be a well rounded Jew in college and beyond. Also, the programs were an excellent place to meet people from various gap year programs. Would highly recommend!”

-Yair Gritzman (Donna Klein Jewish Academy ‘22, Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi ‘23, Princeton University ‘27)

“Tikvah was an incredible complement to my year in midrasha. From thought-provoking and knowledgeable speakers, to conversations on everything from effective altruism to names of hats, and most of all an environment of intellectual inquiry and aspiration, Tikvah rounded out my year and enriched my Fridays like only Tikvah can.”

-Yona Sperling Milner (SAR High School ‘22, Migdal Oz ‘23, Harvard University ‘27)

“I had a great time as a Tikvah fellow this year and I’m very glad I got to be a part of the program. I made many good friends from diverse schools throughout Israel and the programming was well organized and planned out, with a compelling consistent class as well as interesting meetings throughout the year.”

-Simon Pinter (DRS High School ‘21, Migdal Hatorah ‘23, Bar Ilan ’27 )

“I had such amazing experience with Tikvah this year. Even with my extremely packed schedule, I always made it a priority. Such a well executed program that manages to balance enriching classes with opportunities to network with top notch gap year students. The knowledge that I gained from the programming is something that I’ll carry with me through life, and I look forward to continued involvement. Would definitely recommend!”

-Yakira Colish (Homeschool, Amudim ‘23, Touro University ‘27)

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