Over my two years as part of the Tikvah Overseas community, I took classes in Halacha and Public Policy, Great Speeches in Israeli History, Faith and Meaning in the Modern World, and several other fascinating topics. What is made clear from the titles above is that at Tikvah, students are provided with a wonderfully diverse education in religious and Zionist thought to supplement the Jewish learning done in their gap year programs. With every class taught by world class teachers and filled with high caliber, completely self-motivated students, it is difficult not to stay engaged, whether on Zoom or at live programming. Thank you Tikvah for adding so much to my last two years.

-Abie Hersh (Rambam Mesivta High School, Yeshivat Har Etzion, Shana Gimmel YHE)

Tikvah Overseas was an amazing program during my year in seminary. I was able to take what I learned back into my classroom and really apply the skills I learned. I connected with peers who were very focused and passionate about learning and I was pushed to keep improving myself. Overall a great experience that all gap year students should have!

-Anat Rimmon (YULA High School, Midreshet Harova, IDF)

Tikvah Overseas is preparing the next generation of Jewish leaders. From amazing speakers to engaging classes and interesting reading, Tikvah provided me with a fun way to become a better, more informed leader. For these and many more reasons, Tikvah was one of the great highlights of my time in Yeshiva.

-Michael Schwab (Abraham Joshua Heschel School, Yeshivat Torah v’Avoda, University of Pennsylvania)

I participated in Tikvah Overseas 5782 and had a blast meeting like-minded gap year students from different programs. Since I wasn’t on a typical program during my gap year, Tikvah provided a much-needed sense of community and supplemented my very STEM-focused gap year with some much-needed philosophy and Jewish literature. I can honestly say that I consider Dr. Snell’s class on postmodernism to be pivotal to my moral development. Lastly, I made lifelong friends through Tikvah that I’m going to keep in touch with beyond Israel.

-Isabella Szabo (Orange County School of the Arts, Tel Aviv University, Stanford University)

The Tikvah Overseas Program afforded me with a unique opportunity to learn from talented teachers and speakers, committed to fostering and enhancing my Yeshiva experience. Through the Tikvah Overseas Program, I was able to further extend my learning beyond the walls of the Beit Midrash, augmenting my growth over the course of the year.

-Binyamin Fox (Yeshiva University High School for Boys, Yeshivat Har Etzion, Columbia University)

I was involved with Tikvah Overseas during both my shana aleph and shana bet.  I greatly enjoyed the meaningful intellectual discussions and thought provoking teachers in every course.  It was also amazing during the spring semester to have multiple in person events and meet other Tikvah Overseas students.

-Jake Fradkin (The Hun School of Princeton, Yeshivat Orayta, Hebrew University)

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