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Nationalism and Religion in Israel and Around the World

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he Jewish Political Condition (JPC) program seeks to understand the two major social factors that dominate today’s headlines: religion and nationalism. Religious Zionists, ranging in their perspectives on both Judaism and Zionism, all agree that somehow both religion and nationalism play a significant role in the political order. In a world that has become increasingly polarized over questions of religion and nationalism, it is crucial to understand these commitments as Jews confront the challenges posed in the changing political landscape. These are critical questions to explore as one spends their year in Israel deepening their commitments to both Judaism and Zionism.

The program is comprised of a series of lectures, debates, and seminars that take place on twelve Fridays over the course of the year. Two additional shabbatonim at hotels facilitate deeper explorations of key topics while allowing for more extended informal conversations. This is a unique opportunity to make friends from a wide variety of gap-year programs while exploring the major political issues that will continue to engage students once they enter the college campus.

Speakers in the Tikvah Overseas Seminars are notable for their scholarship and their contributions to public life. They are chosen for their commitment to education and activism and their ingenuity in engaging with the best minds of all ages and backgrounds. This is an amazing opportunity for gap-year students to interact with some of the best minds and leaders in the Jewish world today.

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Program Dates

October 2020–June 2021

Application Deadline
September 13, 2020

The program is free of charge.

English-speaking foreign students studying in yeshivot, seminaries, or other gap-year programs in Israel.

Curriculum At-A-Glance


The “Jewish State” and Contemporary Nationalism

Challenges and Opportunities in a “Jewish and Democratic” State

Religion in Western Political Culture



Avital Gold

Student and Operations Coordinator