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Jewish Thought, Jewish Literature, Jewish Politics:

A Tikvah Summer Seminar for University Students   |   New York City   |   August 3—7, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Apply?

    • Current college students interested in moral, social, political, or strategic thought.
    • Jews of all backgrounds and denominations, ideas and persuasions, who are committed to serious inquiry, moral discourse, and the future of Judaism.

Applications are closed 


What are the basic financial, room, and board arrangements?

Students will live together in New York City during the week of August 3-7. In addition to assuming the costs of tuition, lodging, and meals, the Tikvah Fund is able to offer a $750 stipend to American and Canadian participants, and $1,500 for other international participants from throughout the diaspora. This program is not designed for Israeli students, who are encouraged to apply to the Tikvah Israel Summer Student Seminars.


What are the basic religious arrangements?

The entire program will be conducted with respect for Jewish observance, including Kosher meals to the highest standards.


What is the Tikvah Fund?

The Tikvah Fund is a private philanthropic foundation based in New York. Its mission is to promote serious Jewish thought about the enduring questions of human life and the pressing challenges that confront the Jewish people. Tikvah supports many programs, projects, and individuals, including books, publications, and seminars. Tikvah’s work is grounded in these fundamental convictions: that the great ideas, texts, and traditions of Judaism are a special inheritance, with much to teach everyone in search of wisdom about the human condition; and that the fate of the Jewish people greatly depends on the education of intellectual, religious, and political leaders, both within and outside Israel.