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Torah Jews in America - Political Ideas for the Future

Evening Lecture Series | New York City | May 18 | June 12 | July 26


Tom Carroll

Foundation for Opportunity in Education

Tom Carroll is the President of the Foundation for Opportunity in Education. He is the former President of the Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability, the former Chairman of the Brighter Choice Foundation, the former President of the Empire Foundation for Policy Research, and the former Deputy Director of the Governor’s Office of Regulatory reform. Mr. Carroll has also held a number of fiscal and research positions with the New York State Division of Budget, the New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee, and the New York State Senate. Mr. Carroll is a graduate of New York’s public schools and the State University of New York at Albany.

Jason Bedrick


Yehoshua (Jason) Bedrick is director of policy at EdChoice. Previously, he was a policy analyst with the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom. He also served as a legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and was a research fellow at the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, where he focused on educational choice. Bedrick received his Master’s in Public Policy, with a focus in education policy, from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He also holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from the Rabbinical College of America and a B.S. in Business Administration from Babson College.

Ryan Anderson

The Heritage Foundation

Ryan T. Anderson is the William E. Simon Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, where he researches and writes about marriage and religious liberty as well as the moral dimensions of economic thought, health care, and education. Anderson is also the editor of Public Discourse, the online journal of the Witherspoon Institute of Princeton, N.J. He is the co-author with Princeton’s Robert P. George and Sherif Girgis of the acclaimed book, What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense (Encounter Books, December 2012). Anderson’s previous positions include assistant editor of First Things, journalism fellow of the Phillips Foundation, and executive director of the Witherspoon Institute. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Princeton University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. He holds a doctorate in political philosophy from the University of Notre Dame. His dissertation is titled “Neither Liberal nor Libertarian: A Natural Law Approach to Social Justice and Economic Rights.”

Daniel Mark

Villanova University

Daniel Mark is an assistant professor of political science at Villanova University, where he teaches political theory, philosophy of law, American government, and politics and religion. He also chairs the nine-member, bipartisan United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, to which he was appointed by Speaker John Boehner. Dr. Mark is also an assistant editor of Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy. He holds a BA, MA, and PhD from the Department of Politics at Princeton University. There, he was affiliated with the Witherspoon Institute, the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, the Program in Law and Public Affairs, and the Penn-Princeton Bioethics Forum. Before graduate school, he spent four years as a high school teacher. He also attended Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush) in Israel.

Michael Doran

Hudson Institute

Dr. Michael Doran is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. He received his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University and held numerous high-level positions in the administration of George W. Bush. He appears frequently on television and has published extensively in Mosaic, Foreign Affairs, the American Interest, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. His most recent book is Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East.

Eric Cohen

The Tikvah Fund

Eric Cohen has been the Executive Director of the Tikvah Fund since 2007.  He was the founder and remains editor-at-large of the New Atlantis, and he serves as the publisher of the Jewish Review of Books and Mosaic. Mr. Cohen has published in numerous academic and popular journals, magazines, and newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Weekly Standard, Commentary, The New Republic, First Things, and numerous others. He is the author of In the Shadow of Progress: Being Human in the Age of Technology (2008) and co-editor of The Future is Now: America Confronts the New Genetics (2002). He was previously managing editor of the Public Interest and served as a senior consultant to the President’s Council on Bioethics. Mr. Cohen currently serves on the board of directors of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Witherspoon Institute, and National Affairs and on the Editorial Advisory Board of First Things.