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The Tikvah Summer Institutes

 for University Students and Young Professionals

The Meaning of Jewish Nationalism:
From the Hebrew Bible to Modern Zionism

with Yoram Hazony

New York, NY | August 7 – 11, 2017 | $500 Stipend & Housing
For current undergraduates, graduate students, and young professionals

For thousands of years, the Jewish people has pursued a unique course among the nations. The Hebrew Bible challenged the imperial order of the ancient world with a new political theory and a new theology. In this institute, Israeli philosopher, author, and Herzl Institute president Yoram Hazony will examine the biblical origins of the independent Jewish national state, the later development of this political concept in Protestant Europe and America, and its deployment by the Zionist movement that created the state of Israel.

Yoram Hazony

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The course will seek answers to crucial questions surrounding Jewish nationalism both in antiquity and in our own time, including: What was unique about the biblical political concept of the independent Jewish national kingdom, and what purposes was it intended to serve within the context of the non-Israelite political thought of the ancient world? How did the Jewish tradition of national thinking shape the Christian political thought that gave rise to the modern world, and how did it fail to? Does the political founding of the modern State of Israel succeed as an inheritance of classical Jewish political thought in the writings and work of figures such as Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion? And crucially, where does this idea of a Jewish state stand with respect to political right and wrong in today’s world of often quite contrary moral and political ideas? Can this ancient biblical dream still be meaningful for us in our own time, as Jews and as human beings?

Who should apply?

  • Current undergraduate students, graduate students, and young professionals interested in moral, social, political, or strategic thought.
  • Jews of all backgrounds and denominations, ideas and persuasions, who are committed to serious inquiry, moral discourse, and the future of Judaism.
  • Alumni of previous college-level Tikvah programs are not eligible to apply, but will be invited to attend select sessions at a later date.

Applications are now closed.