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The Spirit of Jewish Nationalism

Applications are now closed.

The Tikvah Fund is excited to launch the following suite of new educational programs specifically designed for college undergraduates during the 2015-2016 academic year and the Summer of 2016:

  • A year-long Campus Fellowship enabling students to join an intercollegiate network of peers who want to strengthen Jewish intellectual and political life at their own colleges and across the country
  • A six-week Summer Fellowship at the Tikvah Center in New York City consisting of intensive textual study, discussion, and debate with preeminent professors, rabbis, educators, and intellectual & political leaders about the great challenges facing modern Jews in America, Israel, and the world
  • A one-week Summer Institute, “The Spirit of Jewish Nationalism,” at the Tikvah Center in New York City in which students will explore the political and theological ideas that animate Jewish nationalism
  • A series of intersession and in-term seminars convened both at the Tikvah Center and on select campuses dedicated to themes such as Modern Jewish Philosophy, Tradition and Freedom, and Zionist Thought and Statesmanship


Tikvah’s Mission: Why College? Why Now? rachel

The college years are a time of great intellectual opportunity and promise. Exploring the foundational themes at the heart of Jewish and Western civilizations can be an exhilarating, mind-opening, soul-expanding experience. Along with critical intellectual inquiry comes the character, religious, and worldview-shaping growth that these formative years provide.

Within this context, however, students are often left searching for ways to articulate an authentic Jewish worldview addressing the broadest political, social and economic concerns, in sophisticated and unapologetic terms. Many of our Jewish educational institutions, even the most storied and successful of them, very competently prepare students for close textual readings of classic and contemporary sources but often come up short in the application of these traditional texts to the most critical questions of the day: questions of war and peace, wealth and poverty, and family and sexuality, among others. The modern college campus is a veritable cauldron for these same questions, and Tikvah is committed to engaging these very issues through the lenses of Jewish tradition and the best traditions of the West, combating the most damaging elements of the current intellectual and cultural climate on campus, trends that often operate at cross-purposes to a confident and purposeful Jewish life.

The Tikvah Fund, an educational foundation dedicated to the advancement of Jewish intellectual and political life, believes that the challenges facing Jewish students on campus today reflect, for better or worse, some of the key dynamics of our larger society. In engaging these formative concepts, Tikvah believes that education can be both an activity of critical inquiry around fundamental questions and first principles and an activity of cultural and intellectual formation, of induction into a tradition of living, being, and thinking. Animated by the dual approach to learning, Tikvah strives to build a community of deep thinkers and articulate doers. In this spirit, the Tikvah Fund has designed these new programs for undergraduates seeking to make a Jewish difference in the world.