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Jewish Review of Books

Jewish culture. Cover to cover.

The Jewish Review of Books is a magazine for serious readers with Jewish interests. In its pages, leading scholars, journalists and critics, including members of its distinguished editorial board, discuss and critically assess current (and sometimes classic) books about religion, culture, and politics, as well as works of fiction, poetry, and the arts.

Since the magazine’s inception in 2010, essays in the JRB have often driven important conversations on the web and in a wide range of other publications. Its founding and current editor is Abraham Socher.

Visit Jewish Review of Bookshttp://jewishreviewofbooks.com.

Articles from the Jewish Review of Books:

And How Do You Like Israel? | By Allan Arkush | Winter 2015
Is Beauty Power? | By Diane Cole | Winter 2015
The Argumentative Jew | By Leon Wieseltier | Winter 2015
Thoroughly Modern Maimonides?| By Lawrence Kaplan | Fall 2014
Nostalgia for the Numinous | By Jonathan Sacks | Summer 2014