Career Roundtables

Throughout our time together this year, members of the Collegiate Forum will have the opportunity to attend Tikvah’s unique mentorship events, Callings and Careers. During these events, the Collegiate Forum will host both young people at the beginning of their careers and accomplished professionals at the apex of their success. For those interested in law, we will have events with law school deans, accomplished lawyers, from public interest and private sectors alike, and mentoring advice from current law students. For those interested in journalism and writing, we will have events with editors and publishers, lifelong writers and novelists, and with Tikvah Alumni who are beginning their careers at illustrious publications and newspapers. Below is a sample of our close advisors who are available to speak to students about their career aspirations. Visit our Career Roundtables’ page for a list of our advisors and mentors. 

Alumni Networks

Hundreds of students, from all over the world, have passed through Tikvah’s programs over the years. Tikvah’s alumni are now journalists, lawyers, businesspeople, policy wonks, non-profit directors, and more. Our students and alumni remain involved and eager to help long after they participate in our programs. Through speaker events, cocktail parties, campus initiatives, and mentorships, our alumni are involved in a network of professionals and like-minded young people. Acceptance to the Collegiate Forum gives you access to Tikvah’s expansive alumni network.

The Beren Summer Fellowship

The Tikvah Summer Fellowship is a highly selective summer program for ambitious, hard-working, and idealistic undergraduates. Our Fellows spend their summer in residence at the Tikvah Fund (with the exception of the 2020 cohort, who spent their Fellowship at a distance), and, along with participating in world-class seminars, embark on a research project of their own, guided by Tikvah’s mentors and with Tikvah’s resources at their disposal. Our Fellows have had the opportunity to work alongside distinguished and renown journalists, policymakers, politicians, historians, and more. Acceptance to the Forum guarantees priority application status and an expedited decision process for the Summer Fellowship.

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