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The Tikvah Fellowship is a full-time residential program for exceptional individuals interested in the political, religious, and intellectual future of the Jewish people. Based at the Tikvah Center in New York City, Tikvah Fellows engage in advanced study, pursue independent research, and hold positions in a wide variety of fields including:

  • War & Statesmanship

    Paying special attention to the grand strategy of the United States and Israel, fellowship courses and projects explore both the ethical questions and practical dilemmas that confront statesmen and generals in a world of new technologies and new threats.  

  • Economics & Public Policy

    The creation of wealth and the future of the welfare state is of paramount concern to citizens, entrepreneurs, and government officials.  Fellowship courses and projects explore both the foundational ideas of democratic capitalism and the concrete policy debates about how free societies should govern themselves.

  • Jewish Thought & History
    Fellows probe the uniquely biblical and Jewish insights into human nature, as well as the controversies and debates that have animated the giants of Jewish thought and literature from ancient times to the present. With the rebirth of the State of Israel, our work includes sustained and careful study of the statesmen, great leaders, and key decisions that have shaped Jewish history and the Jewish State in modern times.
  • Social Thought

    The household is the beginning of civilization.  The soul of any society is defined by its manners and morals. At the center is the family, where children are raised into maturity, where the old find solace and respite, where the Jewish people and all peoples pass on their sacred heritage and their most cherished hopes. Fellowship courses and projects explore the necessary conditions for human flourishing and human dignity in the context of family, city, and nation.

Tikvah Fellowships will be offered—on a highly selective basis and at Tikvah’s initiative—to graduates of Tikvah’s advanced institutes, summer programs, and other affiliated educational programs. Generous stipend support will be offered commensurate with age, experience, and financial need.