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Great Moments in Zionist History: From Basel 1897 to London 1917

In this course in early Zionist history, we will take you “behind the scenes” on a globetrotting odyssey. We will travel from the casino in Basel, where we will join the delegates of the First Zionist Congress all dressed in their evening formal dress, to the bloody pogrom in Kishinev, to the fields of the Land of Israel during the Ottoman period, where the young teenage pioneers work with the sweat of their brow, to the trenches of WWI, and finally to the boardrooms of London. In all these far-flung locations we will meet the men and women who made the Zionist dream a reality. Theodor Herzl, Chaim Nachman Bialik, Rachel Bluwstein, Yosef Trumpeldor, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Sarah Aaronson, and Lord Balfour are among the cast of illustrious characters we will meet on our journey from Basel to London as we explore the great moments in early Zionist history.