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Israel and International Law

Instructor: Eugene Kontorovich
Dates: Jul. 8 | Jul. 15 | Jul. 22
Time: Thurs., 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
Cost: $100

Almost every major issue in Israeli politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is routinely discussed in the media using the terminology of international law— “occupation,” “illegal settlements,” and, most recently, “apartheid.” But international law is a specialized field, and most individuals cannot independently evaluate such claims. In this course, we will look behind supposedly uncontested assertions about the legality of Israel’s conduct to examine the underlying sources and rules of international law. Moreover, we will do what lawyers typically do (except in regard to Israel)—identify and define the relevant rules by looking at all the relevant precedents, rather than focusing myopically on the world’s only Jewish state.

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