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Nationalism, the Jewish State, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dates: Jan. 18 | Jan. 25 | Feb. 8 | Feb. 15 | Mar. 1
Time: Mon., 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM IST

This seminar course will grapple with some of the most important issues affecting the future of Israel, the West, and the entire Middle East. We will begin by investigating the theoretical foundations of “nationalism,” the most powerful force shaping world politics over the past four centuries. Drawing on this deeper historical and philosophical understanding, we will examine the case for (and against) an international order based on national states such as Britain, America, and Israel. We will apply these concepts to understand why the creation of a Jewish state was justified three-quarters of a century ago and why the case for it has only grown stronger over time. And then we will apply similar criteria to assess whether the creation of a Palestinian state can be justified on moral and pragmatic grounds today.