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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s
The Great Partnership

The late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who passed away just recently, was one of the great Jewish thinkers of the past century, whose ideas touched on every aspect of human life: God, morality, politics, and science. This seminar will carefully study one of his most important books: The Great Partnership: Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning. We live in an age in which we turn to science, technology, math, and engineering to help us understand our world and shape our vision of the common good. Yet, as Rabbi Sacks argues, science can only answer certain types of questions and needs. The search for meaning and the discovery of purpose requires an understanding beyond the new gospel of “STEM,” which may be found in religious traditions—and for the Jewish community, in our distinct Torah tradition. The Great Partnership also exquisitely presents Rabbi Sacks as a model of a religious personality who aspires to make religious faith and practice resonant with contemporary life. Through his mastery of both the Jewish and Western intellectual traditions, Rabbi Sacks creates a productive dialogue between ancient and modern wisdom, one that deepens his Jewish commitments, and uplifts—even sanctifies—secular science.

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