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Rabbi Sacks:
The Persistence of Faith

In a series of six accessible, eloquent, almost prophetic lectures entitled “The Persistence of Faith,” first broadcast on the BBC in 1990, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks outlined the central threats and opportunities facing the West in the decades ahead. He discussed the changing roles of the family, community, tradition, religion, and the state, and he identified the wisdom that Jewish thought can bring to bear on the urgent concerns that emerge in the modern age. In many ways these wide-reaching lectures provide an entryway into the incredible mind of Rabbi Sacks. In this parent-child course, we will study this unique blueprint for making sense of our changing world, as thoughtful Jews in search of wisdom, meaning, and a Jewish rock on which to stand.

In this class, parents and their children will study togetherexploring critical texts on Jewish thought, history, and traditionsand create a shared language that allows for a rich learning experience.

Student applicants for this class will be asked to identify their adult learning partner during the application process. Students may elect to learn with a parent, grandparent, mentor or another important person in their lives.

Generously supported by Diane Troderman