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Rebuilding a Nation:
The Building of the Jewish State and the Meaning of Zionism

Zionism is the most important Jewish political movement in two millennia. It gathered the Jewish nation into and around the State of Israel, and it has provided incredible meaning to Jews around the globe. This incredible achievement could not have taken place without leaders making critical decisions at pivotal crossroads over the centuries. In this course, we’ll examine the great dilemmas, debates, and challenges that defined the Zionist movement and helped shape the State of Israel.  This fall, we’ll focus on the moments that shaped Jewish national beliefs over the millennia, starting with Ezra the Scribe, the Maccabees, Yohanan Ben Zakkai, Yehuda Halevi, and central early Zionist figures.

This is Part I of a full-year course, spanning all three Tikvah Online Academy semesters. Full-year courses are an exciting opportunity for students to dig deeper into a critical topic in Jewish thought and history. Students may enroll in Part I as a standalone course without enrolling in future semesters but are encouraged to reenroll in subsequent terms to gain mastery over the subject.