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The Tale of Rabbi Nachman: Switched at Birth

There is an age-old question, “Are you who you are because of how you were raised, or is it something else? Soul? Destiny? Genetics?” Philosophers call it the “nature-nurture” question. There are lots of theories to answer the question, but really there’s only one way to find out! Switch the babies at birth and see what happens! That’s what the midwife does in Rebbe Nachman’s story The Sons Who Were Switched, and so the queen’s son and the servant’s son are switched, to see what will happen. And a lot happens! These two boys’ lives are bound together by the question, and the process of discovery is challenging and fruitful. Along the way, the reader gets to explore questions about who they think they are and who they really are, and why it matters for a world that needs fixing.

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