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What is A Jewish American Story?

Dates: Nov. 9 | Nov. 16 | Nov. 30 | Dec. 7 | Dec. 14
Time: Wed., 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM ET
Cost: $200

Jews have been writing about life in America—or the goldene medinah—even before disembarking at Ellis Island. But what makes a story Jewish? American? Jewish American? What are the markers of these works of fiction that reflect the realities of Jewish American life, and why do they matter? This course will examine the elements that characterize a Jewish American story, paying close attention to the language, plot, and representation of culture. We will trace the trajectory of the Jewish presence in the United States through their storytelling, including: the poetry of Emma Lazarus, the stories that emerged from the Lower East Side tenements, the impact of the Holocaust on the legacy of prominent post-1945 authors, the 1971 film Fiddler on the Roof, and the contemporary literary scene depicting American Orthodox Jewry into the 21st century. This course will engage with the core issues facing thoughtful American Jews today through the lens of literature, allowing us to reckon with questions regarding identity and tradition as we look towards the future.

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