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Why Jews Should Read Homer

Instructor: Dr. Jacob Howland
Dates: Aug. 10 | Aug. 17 | Aug. 24 | Aug. 31
Time: Tues., 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
Cost: $100

The ancient historian Herodotus claimed that it was Homer and Hesiod who taught the Greeks about the origins, natures, and offices of their gods. If Homer’s epics are the Bible of the Greeks, Genesis and Exodus are the Odyssey of the Israelites. Jews and Greeks can see themselves in these texts as in distant mirrors.

This course compares thematically connected episodes from Genesis and the Odyssey in order to shed light on fundamental questions about the First Things: the natures and conflicts of men and women, the ramifying deformations of family life, the essential importance of law and sacred awe, and the self-destructive character of unbounded human intelligence.

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