What is Tikvah?

Tikvah’s purpose is to educate the rising generation of Jewish, Zionist, and American leaders and to advance the most serious thinking about the great challenges facing the Jewish people in the modern age. We seek to cultivate Jewish citizens with moral confidence and civic courage, informed by the hard-won lessons of Jewish history and devoted to strengthening Western civilization through Jewish ideas and institution-building.

To advance this mission, Tikvah operates intensive fellowship programs, summer institutes, working groups, and honors programs for students of all ages; and we produce publications, podcasts, conferences, and online courses that bring Tikvah’s ideas to the world.

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Student Programs

Tikvah’s educational strategy is clear: Cultivate young Jews in the best of Jewish, Western, and American civilization. Invest in serious students from middle school to high school to college to their early careers. Develop a new generation of Jewish leaders who believe in Jewish exceptionalism and who boldly commit to facing the greatest moral, political, and strategic challenges of the modern age.

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Lobel Center for Jewish Classical Education

The Lobel Center for Jewish Classical Education is focused on four major initiatives: developing and disseminating a new K-12 curriculum that immerses students in the best of Western and Jewish culture, recruiting and training master teachers, partnering with Jewish schools across North America, and launching Tikvah classical schools that bring this vision fully to life.

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Tikvah Ideas

In essays, books, podcasts, and video courses, Tikvah Ideas aims to advance the most serious Jewish thinking about the major challenges facing the Jewish people and to explore the enduring riches of Jewish, Zionist, and American civilization. Our aim is to shape the current debate by taking the long view and to kindle Jewish souls by probing the depths of Jewish tradition and history.

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Tikvah Israel & Shalem College

Over the past few years, Tikvah Israel has moved to the very center of the Israeli national debate. Our student programs immerse Israeli college students and young professionals in the foundational ideas of political, economic, and strategic thought. Tikvah alumni hold key positions of influence in every sector of Israeli society. And our publications address the strategic imperative to preserve a strong and sovereign Israel.

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Tikvah Community

Building a new generation of committed Jews and Zionists. Learning from the most important teachers in America and Israel. Standing together for our most cherished Jewish and American values. Finding a Jewish home and haven in turbulent times. The Tikvah community offers deep purpose and fraternity to its diverse members.