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A Note from Tikvah’s Chairman

Dear Friend,

I’m hoping you might be helpful to me and the Tikvah Fund. As you probably know, I’ve been Tikvah’s Chairman for almost 20 years and have partnered for the last decade with our Executive Director, Eric Cohen. Tikvah runs a wide range of educational programs in America and Israel, and we produce a variety of publications and websites in English and in Hebrew. Our purpose is to help develop the next generation of leaders for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

We are now developing a long-term strategy for the future of Tikvah. I’m seeking your help in finding sales and marketing talent that will enable Tikvah to keep investing in what we’re doing and even expand some of our most strategic projects. We’re looking for two kinds of people:

(1) Those near the start of their careers who have in one way or another shown some intrinsic sales talent; and

(2) A more experienced sales and marketing leader who has demonstrated a successful track record in his or her chosen field of endeavor.

Based on my experience, the first qualification for these positions is a natural gift for communicating in sophisticated ways with prospective donors. The prime candidates will be men and women who enjoy this kind of personal connection. They’ll either have shown natural sales talent from their early days in one field or another, or already have established track records of success that indicate they could lead our effort.

If you know individuals who believe broadly in Tikvah’s vision, please ask them to forward their resumes to Tobey Linhart at tlinhart@tikvahfund.org along with brief (no more than two-page) self-descriptions indicating why they’d be right for either of these two jobs.

I very much appreciate any effort you can make on our behalf.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roger Hertog
Chairman, The Tikvah Fund