Nominate a Future Maimonides Scholar

Who is a Maimonides Scholar?

A Maimonides Scholar is an intellectually curious high school student who wants to confront timeless questions about what it means to be Jewish and what it means to be a human being through the serious study of the great books of the Jewish and Western Canons.
A Maimonides Scholar is someone who wants to take their Jewish learning and their engagement with the modern State of Israel to the next level, going deeper and grappling with more sophisticated questions than they have encountered in either their religious or secular educations before. He or she seeks to explore those questions in a community of equally engaged peers from diverse backgrounds from all around the world. Most Maimonides Scholars are not engaged in full-time Jewish studies and do not currently attend a Jewish day school.
A Maimonides Scholar may have spent lots of time with Jewish texts or they may be exploring the Torah, Talmud, and works of modern Jewish thought for the very first time. He or she may be deeply religious, atheistic, or agnostic. But no matter what their relationship is to Jewish texts and Jewish life, a Maimonides Scholar is committed to engaging in rigorous philosophic inquiry, with an eye towards cultivating a life of meaning, integrity, and Jewish leadership.

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