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Zionist Politics Revisited

December 1, 2013

From 1996 to 2012, the Tikvah Fund, under the auspices of the Shalem Center, published Azure: Ideas for the Jewish Nation. The Tikvah Forum will be a place to rediscover some of the excellent content from that magazine. In this Azure piece from Summer 2005, Natan Sharansky argues in favor of Theodor Herzl’s vision of a state that enables its various communities to give voice to their unique heritage and culture, on the one hand, but carefully preserves their shared Judaism on the other.

At the Tikvah Center, we just completed a study of various aspects of Herzl’s thought and legacy in a week long course taught by Allan Arkush and Ran Baratz entitled “Herzl, His Critics and His Successors.” This course is part of the Advanced Institute entitled “Moments of Decision, Great Debates.” Stay up to date on more institutes and events that explore the roots of Zionism and their impact on the current dilemmas of the Jewish State.

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Dara Horn’s newest novel, A Guide for the Perplexed, is receiving a flood of positive reviews. In this instance of the type, published this fall in the Jewish Review of Books, reviewer Michael Weingrad lingers on the subject of memory in the age of data clouds and information retrieval. Is a person more than the sum of her data? What is the moral advantage of forgetting? Ms. Horn is a regular instructor in Tikvah’s educational offerings and will be teaching again this summer in an Institute at the Tikvah Center called “Divine Justice and Human Creativity in Jewish Literature.”

Also be sure to pick up a copy (by hand or by tablet) of the Winter issue of JRB, which was just released.

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By Asa Kasher | Originally published in Azure, Summer 2009   Editor’s Note: On Saturday, December 27, 2008, after eight years of continuing rocket attacks on its territory by Islamic terrorist organizations, Israel launched a full-scale military operation against the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. Officially named Operation Cast Lead, it began with massive […]

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The Heart of Hamas

September 21, 2006

Review by Yechiel M. Leiter | Originally published in Azure, Autumn 2006 Hamas: Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad by Matthew Levitt Yale University Press, 2006, 336 pages.   Before the war against Hezbollah erupted in July, Israel’s biggest security problem was the ascent of Hamas to governing-party status in the Palestinian […]

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