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Beyond the Headlines: The Major Disputes in Israeli Politics

Dates: Nov. 18 | Dec. 2 | Dec. 16 | Dec. 30
Time: Wed., 1:30 PM - 2:45PM IST
Course Type: Co-ed

Many outsiders still believe that the legacy of the Oslo Accords and Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are the major divides in Israel politics. Yet with negotiations stalled for many years, other issues have arguably played a larger role in Israeli public policy debates. In this seminar, we’ll go beyond the headlines to explore topics that are truly dividing the Knesset.

Topics covered include: 1) the role of the Supreme Court and the division of powers between different branches of government; 2) the integration of Haredim into broader Israeli society; 3) Israel-Diaspora relations; and 4) conservative vs. progressive economic policies.