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Brothers in Arms: Golda Meir Speaks to American Jews

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 10 | 11:00–12:15 PM EDT

On January 22, 1948, Golda Meir flew to the United States to address the General Assembly of the Council of Jewish Federations in Chicago. In her characteristically independent fashion, she made an emotional appeal to American Jewry for their support of the Yishuv. This speech had an enormous impact on its listeners, and the funds yielded were crucial to the Jewish war effort. In this seminar, students will do a close reading of Meir’s speech, considering the success of her arguments while exploring the powerful role of the diaspora in the establishment of the Jewish State. This seminar will also consider the evolving relationship between American and Israeli Jews today, and the enduring importance of Israel in American-Jewish hearts and minds.

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