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Self Portrait of a Hero:
The Letters of Yonatan Netanyahu

On July 4, 1976, an Air France flight was hijacked, and 103 passengers, many of them Israeli citizens, were taken hostage in Entebbe, Uganda. The story of their rescue has become legend, and Lt.-Col. Yonatan Netanyahu, who led the operation and was killed during its execution, has become a modern-day Israeli hero.

As the world struggles with the barbarity of terrorism, the story of Entebbe and Yoni Netanyahu’s role in it remains an inspiring and moving testimony to the ideals of democracy and freedom.

“The Letters of Yonatan Netanyahu” is a collection of personal letters penned by Netanyahu over a period of thirteen years, from his time as a high school student in Philadelphia to the raid at Entebbe. Yoni is revealed as a devoted and serious man, deeply dedicated to his country and the soldiers under his command. In this course, we will explore Yoni Netanyahu’s story, and learn how he emerges as the very exemplar of heroism, morality, and courageous service to his people.