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Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

Dates: July 15 | July 22 | July 29 | August 5
Time: Wed., 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
Course Type: Seminar
Cost: $100

Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice is one of the Bard’s most challenging plays, and it is particularly challenging for modern Jews. Led by a leading scholar in Renaissance literature, this course will give students the chance to work slowly and intensively through the text of Shakespeare’s play. We will consider the action and themes of the play as a whole, but also look particularly at Shakespeare’s depiction of Shylock. How closely does Shylock replicate other “stage Jews” of the period? How closely does he represent the real status of Jews in early modern England? What do we make of the ties—literary and historicalbetween Jews and markets? 

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