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The Varieties of Anti-Semitism:
What Do We Face and How Should We Respond?

Dates: July 14 | July 21 | July 28 | August 4
Time: Tue., 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT
Course Type: Seminar
Cost: $100

While anti-Semitism is not a new phenomenonthe curse has plagued us for centuries—the nature of anti-Semitism has transformed over time. This course examines the various forms of Jew hatred: from anti-Jewish sentiment, to racial and ethnic hatred of the Jews, to hatred of the State of Israel. We will look at how and why these forms of anti-Semitism have emerged, at the historical context and perverse ideas that drive this form of prejudice, and then ask: how should Jews—and all civilized peoples—respond? 

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